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Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts:

Inuit Spirit Realm

I collaborated with the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts on a project in which I chose an item from their collection to research and create work about.

My project focused on Inuit masks, inspired by an Inuit walrus mask in the collection. Through my research and work, I aimed to explore the concept of the Inuit spirit realm and spirituality, illuminating an often overlooked culture and reconnecting the object with its original usage.

I worked with etching and blind embossing, creating a final series of prints representing both the spirit realm and the vast whiteness of the Northen Canadian landscape.


I also created a series of textile pieces, using dye screen printing and devoré. These experiments resulted in a silk devoré scarf inspired by the ethereal nature of the spirit realm and by the wearablity of both the masks and a scarf.

An edition of etchings was featured in the Sainsbury Centre shop. A finished etching was also featured in the exhibition Two Lives in Colour at East Gallery, Norwich.



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